Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chapter 20 Words to Remember

Lent: The season during which we prepare for Easter by prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Prayer: Talking and listening to God.

Fasting: Giving up something, especially food, to help us remember that we depend on God.

Almsgiving: Giving money or time to the poor or others who need it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lent--More Activiites and Prayers

Here arfe some Lent activities to try. Remember, I have a treat for you if you print something shown here, do it and bring it it.

Catechetical Resources, put out by the publishers of the Faith and Life religion books, has activities for all grade levels, including instructions for Lenten cups to keep track of sacrifices, coloring sheets and study guides.

Sadlier, publisher of the We Believe religion series has Lenten activities for all ages.

CatholicMom.com has art projects, coloring sheets, games and even some recipes. They have more under lesson plans.

Catholic Cuisine blog has recipes. See what they are cooking up for Lent.

Here are Lenten prayers for children. They also include a Stations of the Cross for Children.

Sign up for Holy Heros and you can get daily emails of Lenten activities. Check with your parents first!

The Catholic Faith Education Blog has posts with Lenten links.

Women for Faith and Family give readings and background information for parents, and family activities.

Resources for Catholic Educators has a treasure trove of activities, including coloring sheets.

Of course the most necessary part of celebrating Lent is celebrating Sunday mass with the community. The publishers of the Faith First religion texts have weekly summaries, discussion topics and activities based on the readings. Sadlier has a similar site. Catholic Mom.com has coloring pages, worksheets, lesson plans, and more for each week. Open Wednesday has a variety of activities as well.

Karen Edmonson has some great crafts on her blog.

Domestic Church has activities and prayers.

Catholic Culture offers several choices including a sticker chart.