Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chapter 4: The Church Begins

This week we studied the beginning of the Church. We learned about when Jesus returned to His Father in the Ascension. We learned about the Holy Spirit coming upon the apostles. We talked about how Peter addressed the crowd in his language but that everyone heard him in their own language. We heard how different Spanish is from English and realized what gift that was. We looked at the globe and saw how far St. Paul traveled. He heard how Jesus knocked St. Paul off his horse and brought him to faith.

Check back later for more activities.

Words to Remember

Mission: A special job

Ascension: Jesus returned to his Father in heaven after being on earth for 40 days after He rose from the dead.

Pentecost: The birthday of the Church; when the Holy Spirit came upon the Apostles and Mary

Church: The community of those who are baptized and follow Jesus.

Christians: Followers of Jesus Christ.

Saint Project

Tonite we learned a little about Saint Ben, St. Joseph, St. Rose de Lima, St. Francis of Assissi and St. Anthony. Thanks to all who participated!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chapter 3: Words to Remember

These are the words you need to know this week:

Second Coming: Jesus' coming at the end of time.
Heaven: Life with God forever.
Last Judgement: Jesus coming at the end of time to judge all people.
Symbol: Something that makes us think of something else.
Saint: Someone in heaven with Jesus.

Lesson 3: Christ Will Come Again

This week we learned that not only did Jesus live 2000 years ago, He will come again! We acted out the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. Here are some more activities with that story. They talk about Lent because that's when we read the story at mass. We also read how Jesus will judge us based on how we care for others. We are all looking forward to being with God forever!
Check to see how well you learned the lesson this week! Here is a crossword puzzle! If you like to write letters, try this.

Saint Project

Next week we celebrate All Saints Day. We are going to have a Saints & Symbols contest. We talked about how a symbol is something that makes us think of something else. In New Orleans a fleur de lis makes us think of football. A green tree with a star on top makes us think of Christmas. A wedding ring symbolizes the love between a husband and wife. Every student is asked to pick a saint (one canonized saint, not a football player). The student should write down the saint's name and a sentence or two about who the saint was and when/where she/he lived. For example, if the student picked Mary, the mother of Jesus, (and she's the one saint I told them they could not pick) she/he could simply write that Mary was the mother of Jesus and that she lived in Judea about 2000 years ago. I'm not asking for a long report--I know you have enough homework from school--I just want enough information to identify the saint. I am also asking the students to bring in a symbol of that saint. Again, if a student picked Mary she/he could bring in a baby doll to symbolize that she was the mother of Jesus. A crown would show that she is queen of heaven and earth. NO COSTUMES!!! and while if you want to bring a picture of the saint, that would be fine, a picture isn't a symbol, so bring something else too. If a saint is associated with a particular animal, you can bring in a picture of the animal. If a saint is the patron of an occupation, you can bring in a tool (or picture of one) used by that occupation, such as a shovel for a farmer, a doll for a mom, a piece of chalk for a teacher, a horse for a blacksmith, a chalice for a priest or a prayer book for a nun. You have to be able to tell me why you picked that symbol. This isn't meant to be hard, but hopefully you can be creative and learn a little about a saint.

Everyone got information on some saints in class. You can pick one of those, go to the library and get a book about saints or use the links below to find one.
A Saint a Day is written for kids. Kids & Saints has pictures or drawing of the saints, tells you about them and tell you what they are patrons of. Kids Zone has a saint for every day. As mentioned earlier, I want something other than a picture of the saint, but if these coloring sheets also tell you about the saints--and the information they have is the length I want your information to be. Do you have a saint's name, or do you wonder if there were ever any saints named ______? Catholic Online has one of the longest lists of saints I've ever seen. Happy hunting and check back next week for the photos!

The Finale

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Act 5

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Act 4

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Act 3

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Lazarus Act 2

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Lazarus Act 1

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Sunday October 19

Here are some activities to help you get more out of mass on Sunday October 19, or to help you remember what you heard.

Here are the readings, in more of a story form

You have to scroll down a little but this page has coloring sheets, games and more about the readings, not only this week but every week.

The readings themselves can be read here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Parent's Corner: Child Protection

We had our annual lesson on child safety. The policies of the archdiocese are here. If you have any questions about what was taught, please contact me (you can comment on this post and I'm the only one who will see it as I have to approve all comments before they are posted).

Chapter 2: Words to Remember

You will see these words in our Tic-Tac-Toe games and in the contest at the end of the year.

Bible: A collection of books about God's love for us and about our call to live as God's people. It is also called Scripture.

Kingdom of God: The power of God's active love in the world.

Old Testament: The part of the bible that tells about the people of God who lived before the time of Jesus.

New Testament: The part of the Bible about the life of Jesus Christ and the beginnings of the Church.

Image: Likeness. We are made in the image of God.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sunday Mass Readings

Read this to learn about the Sunday mass readings, and read the readings themselves too.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sunday, October 12

All of us know that we need to attend mass each week. Here are some activities to help you get more out of mass.

Do you like word search puzzels? Here is one with words from this week's Gospel. If crossword puzzles are more your style, try this one.

Our first reading today is about Mount Sinai. Here is a game you can play. The directions are here.

Chapter 2

Besides talking about how precious we are to God, and how we can stay safe, we talked about the Bible. To see how much you remember, take this quiz. To review the words we've learned so far, and to get a head start on next week, try this puzzle.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Parents' Corner: The Rosary

I have links for parents too!

Do you want to know what the Catechism of the Catholic Church, some Vatican documents and some Popes have said about the Rosary? Do you need help saying the rosary? This is the website for you.

Do you have an I-Pod or generic MP3 player? (I bought one at the mall for $10 this weekend) Download the rosary and listen and pray on your way to work, when working out, while waiting in carpool line...This is a scriptural version, so not only will you hear the prayers but they also give scripture to meditate upon while praying.

From where did the rosary come? What is its history? Find out here.

Would you rather read than listen? Here is a scriptural rosary you can read and/or print out.

Have a great week, leave me a comment to say hi, and hug your wonderful child.

The Rosary

During October, our Church celebrates the month of the Rosary. Tonite we said part of the rosary as a group in church and had a lesson about it. Since we have a month to celebrate, I've found a lot of things for you to read and do.

How do we pray the rosary? Here is how!

Would you like to see pretty pictures showing all the mysteries?

These coloring sheets show many of mysteries of the rosary.

Here are coloring sheets of all the mysteries. Try coloring a sheet a night as you say the prayers for just that mystery.

Here is an interactive rosary. It shows you which bead you are on and how to say the prayer. Give it a try!

How would you like a coloring book of the mysteries of the rosary?

Print one of these out, or leave me a comment and you'll get a treat!

The Feast of the Most Holy Rosary

Tonite we said the rosary in church and then came back to our classroom where we colored a rosary and reviewed this beautiful prayer. Remember, I can't put your picture up here unless I have a permission slip, so bring yours in if you aren't here. Check out my links, and I'll see you next week!
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