Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Rosary

During October, our Church celebrates the month of the Rosary. Tonite we said part of the rosary as a group in church and had a lesson about it. Since we have a month to celebrate, I've found a lot of things for you to read and do.

How do we pray the rosary? Here is how!

Would you like to see pretty pictures showing all the mysteries?

These coloring sheets show many of mysteries of the rosary.

Here are coloring sheets of all the mysteries. Try coloring a sheet a night as you say the prayers for just that mystery.

Here is an interactive rosary. It shows you which bead you are on and how to say the prayer. Give it a try!

How would you like a coloring book of the mysteries of the rosary?

Print one of these out, or leave me a comment and you'll get a treat!

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Anonymous said...

This is a nice coloring book of the rosary however, it does not have the Luminous Mysteries that were given to us by JPII.