Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hope you enjoy the cookies. If you missed class and are reading this, hope you had a great Christmas. For Epiphany, try this simple house blessing.

Domestic Church is a Catholic site and includes a house blessing. Catholic has puzzles, games, a coloring sheet and more. Catholic Culture suggests a family play to go with the house blessing. Domestic Church has even more ideas. ABC Teachhas a coloring sheet of the Three Kings. They also have a rebus that kids may enjoy decoding. Want to throw an Epiphany party? has coloring sheets too. DLTK has some Epiphany crafts and a cute song to sing. More coloring pages! Put together an on-line puzzle of the three kings. If you'd rather color on-line, try this.

Remember to review those words to remember on earlier posts.

See you next week!

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