Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things We Use During Mass

During our church tour tonight, Fr. Michael took us into the sacristy and showed us the vestments and the vessels used during mass. Here are some of the things we saw. Under the colored vestments, Fr. wears an Alb, which is a white robe.
Over the Alb, Fr. wears a stole. Priests wear the stole around their neck as a sign of the priesthood. Deacons wear theirs like a sash, across their bodies. This stole is special to Fr. Michael because it was given to him by a priest friend who is now dead.

The colored vestment that shows us the season in the Church year is the chasuble. Since this one is white, it is for feasts.

Besides looking at the vestments, Father showed us the vessels used during mass. The Paten holds the big host that Father holds up during mass. The chalice holds the wine which becomes the Blood of Christ.

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